PSL was instructed by a Client who had been in a road traffic accident with an untraced driver.


Our Client is a self-employed Private Hire/Taxi Driver. His own vehicle was a “tool of his trade”, without which he could not earn a living.


A claim was made to the MIB. Initially the MIB determined that our Client had acted unreasonably in incurring car hire charges in excess of the value of his own vehicle and awarded £2,500 in respect of credit hire charges..


A Notice of Appeal was lodged in relation to the MIB’s award which was considered by an independent Arbitrator who substituted:-


  • the MIB’s award of £2,500 for credit car hire charges with the sum of £16,624.80 (the full amount sought by our Client); and


  • the MIB’s award of £585 for recovery and storage charges with the sum of £1,759.50 (again the full amount sought by our Client)

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