insurancerejected_iStock_000011809454SmallHas your insurer refused to pay out on a claim on your policy?

If your insurers have not responded to a claim on your policy with a full indemnity or have only paid part of a claim, Parkers Solicitors can assist with further representations.

Parkers Solicitors has experience in presenting large claims in the Commercial Court and has achieved settlements in excess of £1m. We can also assist in preparing claims for consideration by the Financial Ombudsman Service where, in addition to the legal claim, an assessment can be made as to whether you were dealt with reasonably and fairly by the insurer.

Parkers Solicitors would be happy to provide a free review of your situation if you could send the following documents to

  1. A copy of your Policy (full terms), Schedule, Endorsements and Premium Receipts
  2. Proposal Form relied upon by insurers
  3. Copy claim form
  4. Insurer’s letter refusing indemnity in full or in part


Case Study:

T Limited v An Insurance Company

The Defendant’s insurance policy did not respond to the Claimant’s claim arising from losses caused by a fire. The failure of indemnity was initially excused on grounds of non-disclosure and the Defendant denied a liability to pay damages in excess of the sum assured + interest.


The Commercial Court ordered that the claim for all damages, naturally and foreseeably flowing from the alleged breach of the insurance contract, should be pleaded in the margin and served upon the Defendants and the Defendants should plead (again in the margin) their proposed reply (the procedure adopted as the Court felt bound by precedent).


The Court listed the matter for a trial on liability alone and gave notice that, in the event of the Claimant being successful on the preliminary point, it would be granted permission for a “leapfrog” appeal to the Supreme Court.


The matter settled in mediation in advance of the trial on liability.